Increase your Storage Revenue
in Your Storage Facility

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Simple and Easy ways to add Records Storage into your existing Self Storage facility and Increase your Income up to 320%.

Tools to calculate and determine the profitability of adding Records Storage into your business so you can determine if it is right for you.

Referral systems that result into actual customers.

Simple Excel formulas for creating your plan.

Powerful moves to GET and OWN your target markets.

Let us show you how to outsource the tasks required. And make additional revenue on each task.

Save 100’s of hours of research time.

Attendees receive $1,500.00 in discounts on advanced products, training and services.

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And there’s more

You will own a digital copy of the Seminar

You will have a chance to meet and share your thoughts about the industry and the same time building you a network.

Record Storage…Is it for You?

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