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Filema course package

Fileman Course

The FileMan Executive Education and Start-up Training Course is unique in the RIM Services Industry. This course has been designed to assist Self Storage Entrepreneurs and other RIM Professionals to enter the Commercial Records Management Space.


This complete Course by the FileMan includes:

DVD – The FileMan Course Overview
CD containing all 20 audio sessions in MP3 format (for easy download to your portable media device or Smartphone)
Comprehensive 400 page Support Materials Binder, which includes additional information for each of the lessons including a wealth of great materials to help build a dynamic records management business.
Data CD containing 43 digital documents for your use
Manual – FileMan Recommended Vendors

Lessons Included

Lesson 1 – Fundamentals, History & Future of Records Management
Lesson 2 – RS-Lite versus Traditional CRM
Lesson 3 – Records Management Isn’t for Everyone or is it?
Lesson 4 – RS Lite (Operating a CRC within the walls of another business)
Lesson 5 – Business Plan, Proforma and Market Assessment
Lesson 6 – Developing a Marketing Plan & Marketing Strategy
Lesson 7 – Selling RS-Lite
Lesson 8 – The Services Guidebook and the Selection of Initial Services
Lesson 9 – The FileMan Consultative Selling Process
Lesson 10 – How to Perform a Needs Assessment (The CNA Process)
Lesson 11 – The Cost of Acquisition of a Customer
Lesson 12 – Facilities, Space Utilization and Racking Options
Lesson 13 – Choosing the Right Software
Lesson 14 – How to implement and Use “Just-in-time Labor”
Lesson 15 – Day-to-day Operations of a Commercial Records Center
Lesson 16 – Customer Training Manual (SOP)
Lesson 17 – Creating a Project Management Plan & a CRC Disaster Plan
Lesson 18 – Agreements and Contracts for the RIM Services Industry
Lesson 19 – Creating and Compiling an Operating Manual (Policy and Procedures)


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